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  • The construction a set of construction which did store construction with a host
  • Introduction of a real estate property for stores
  • The law confirmation to utilize established building and repair
  • Application for confirmation business with a store branch and use change business
  • Suggestion with the store design
  • General plan and actual engineering (layout interior and building equipment, etc.)
  • Introduction suggestion of energy saving equipment equipment
  • Application business of the subsidy application
  • Sale and building of a showcase article of furniture for sale of goods stores
  • The repair correspondence and the improvement suggestion which are the maintenance which occurs in an open store
  • The improvement suggestion which is equipment in accordance with the present law for welfare facilities
  • Establishment of a welfare equipment (hill handrails)
  • New technology and the practical business affair proposition that the design was utilized

What is Hikosha's one-stop service?

one-stop service

Everything with a branch store in a store, in Hikosha, one-stop support

「Suggestion of a real estate property」 「Modal check in accordance with Building Standards Law」 「Design / design plan」「Building construction contract」 「Customer service」
「+ Hikoha essence is poured into manufacturing.」

These, I'm playing an active part centering on Fukuoka area as a lead-manager trade.

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